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    Quote Originally Posted by hbridge View Post
    YEP. Not all high schools offer AP courses!
    Like our high school. No AP courses. But we can take the AP exams at the public high school.
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    I think it's fine as long as the scores are taken in context (for example, low income students should not be compared to high income). However, another issue is accessibility to testing. I heard there is a severe shortage of testing seats, especially in CA where demand is high. I read that there are no remaining SAT seats between now and August in the Bay Area. Of course, during covid I have friends who flew their kids to other states to test, so there's that

    The fact is the privileged students will always have a huge advantage. I am sick of hearing how first generation low income students are advantaged. give me a break.
    Grade inflation is real, though, which makes it very very hard to judge apps.
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