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    Default Who has had a hysterectomy?

    Care to share your experiences? What brought you to that point and how it has been? tia

    The doctor was generally for a total hysterectomy since menopause is right around the corner (age 50).

    ETA anyone have any additional surgeries at the same time?
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    I had a hysterectomy. My OB/GYN left my ovaries though. She didn't want to "force" me
    into menopause. She said it's never good to be forced into menopause. It's much
    better for the body to have it happen naturally.

    I wish I would have done the hysterectomy earlier. My OB/GYN and I had talked
    about it for several years beforehand but I was too scared. I shouldn't have been.
    Totally life-changing!

    My recovery was super easy. I had it on a Thursday afternoon. I spend the night
    in the hospital. I don't remember doing much on that Friday but on Saturday morning,
    I was at a cross country meet and that afternoon, I was at a couple of soccer games.
    I was exhausted at the end of that day and probably shouldn't have done that much
    so on Sunday, I just chilled.

    Edited to add: I forgot to mention that my doctor went in through my belly button
    and when she went to bring my uterus out through my vagina, it wouldn't fit. So she
    had to chop it up into smaller pieces in order to fit it through. The hysterectomy was
    supposed to take about 1-1.5 hours and it ended up taking over 4 hours and I lost
    a lot of blood. That is why I had to spend the night.
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    Very similar to Corie, partial hysterectomy, wish I had done it sooner. Had it done outpatient on a Friday, was very low key for a couple of days but then hosted a holiday meal the following week.

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    My story is long and complicated and has little to do with a hysterectomy, but the doc said a partial (supracervical) one was in order, along with a bladder sling. The reason for my ACTUAL surgery was a anterior rectocele, but got the hysterectomy and bladder sling thrown in there. They went in through the stomach for 1-2 parts and through the vagina for 1-2 parts. I don't even know or want to think about it anymore.

    The cool part was that I was unable to drive for a while, unable to cook, etc. My family got taken advantage of because "my doctor said I can't drive or cook for 6 weeks"

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    I had total hysterectomy including bilateral ovary removal about 5 years ago due to ovarian cysts that were highly suspicious for cancer and history of sky high estradiol levels that increases the risk of uterine cancer. The surgery was complicated by collateral veins formed due to compressions (pelvic congestions syndrome) and my bladder was adhered to my uterus. I don't recall much about the recovery other than it was similar to C-sections. My long term pelvic pain improved after the surgery.

    My metabolism completely tanked with 35 pound weight gain with no changes in diet/exercise. I am no longer gaining, but nothing I do is helping with weight loss so far. Menopause symptoms kicked in about 6 months post surgery.

    I would carefully weigh the risks/benefits of surgery and get a second opinion. I ended up with 3 opinions because there was some disagreement on the scope of surgery.

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    I had a partial robotic-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy in 2020 due to inconclusive endometrial biopsies (turned out to be adenomyosis, not cancer.) Anyhow, they removed the uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix, but left both ovaries since I was only 41. For me, it was an outpatient surgery and I was home the same day. I had 4-5 inch long incisions and the recovery was really easy. I was feeling really good within a day or two and great within a week. I don't miss having my cycle one little bit!!
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    I had a robotic assisted partial hysterectomy a few years ago. Kept my ovaries but lost the cervix. Had a labiaplasty done at the same time. I had abnormal bleeding for years, and a previous DnC had helped but the bleeding came back. I was given the option of regular DnCs or the hysterectomy.
    Recovery was easy, with minimal discomfort and just a couple days off work.
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