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    Default high school graduation gift ideas--It's that time of year again!

    It's graduation time!
    Looking for any additional ideas...

    We have done the $24 for the Class of 2024 and I bought a couple of Woozoo fans for kids, but wondering if anyone has any additional ideas for the grads? Especially for ones we are not close to...


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    I've always given cash in various amounts depending on our relationship with the graduate.

    I'm stumped this year for DS1's girlfriend. They've been dating for over 2 years so I want to give her something thoughtful in addition.
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    We gave DDs boyfriend-at-the-time a duffel bag with his school?s logo on it. His parents gave DD a sweatshirt blanket with her school?s logo and her name embroidered on. Both were well received and well used?at least til the breakup! (Maybe still?)

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    Following. I'm looking for ideas for a neighbor's DD. She will be studying in London. My go to is a gift card usually. I'm open to other ideas too

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    My favorite gifts to give are: "Pillow Pets" from the kid's university, Amazon has a gift card in a graduation cap box or cash. I purchased a bunch of the gift cards in the hat boxes to keep on had for the random parties were were invited to.
    Favorite gifts my kid received: a James Avery Charm Bracelet and a carry-on suitcase (that the giver asked her to pick out).
    We mostly received gift cards and cash. Amazon/Target and best because Starbucks and other fast food restaurants on campus do not take gift cards. And honestly, cash and gift cards were the most useful throughout the year.

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    We have a box of cards and a stack of $20 bills. That's our standard gift. DS1 goes to a LOT of open houses. His best friend is graduating this year though, and has been a great friend to him in many meaningful ways. We're giving him an insulated poncho blanket thing as we know he'll be at a lot of outdoor games and he's an "all weather is good weather" sort of fan

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    Thanks for this link! We have both birthdays and graduations coming up and I’m stuck on what to get. I asked ds1 what we gave him for graduation 2 years ago and he couldn’t remember So I don’t know what to give ds2. I suppose I’ll just ask him. It will probably be money.

    I give all other graduates a card with money.
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    Dd1 is getting a full size 26? suitcase (she asked for that size and specified the color she wanted), and a pair of Birkenstock Arizona sandals.

    For her friends I like the idea of $24 though. I am not sure what the norm is here though.

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