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    Default How does Naartjie clothing run?

    Someone mentioned in Zen's earlier thread that Naartjie clothes run large. Do others of you with their clothes find this to be true?

    Lola is, for the most part, wearing things in 2T. If I remember correctly she was measuring about 34 3/4" tall at her last doctor's appointment. Her weight was down then because she was recovering from pneumonia but I'm guessing she's somewhere between 28-30 lbs now. What size would you Naartjie devotees recommend, 18-24 monthes or 2-3T?

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    Default AngelaS, re: Naartjie sizing...

    So, do you advise sizing down in Naartjie clothing? I'd like the clothes to have "room to grow" but I don't want Lola to be swimming in them. What do you think? I'd appreciate any help you can give me.


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    Default RE: How does Naartjie clothing run?

    I think the baby sizes run true to size, or a little small.

    The toddler sizes might be different. You should ask on the Naartjie Yahoo group, they will be able to tell you exactly which pieces run big or small.

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    Default RE: How does Naartjie clothing run?

    When you call the store to order ask the employee who helps you. They know and they are SO helpful! I wouldn't have ordered pants a size smaller last time if it weren't for them telling me to. :)
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