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    Default Do VANS sneakers run large?

    DS currently wears a 6W in New Balance and I ordered him some VANS in a 6.5 and they are much bigger!

    Do they run large?

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    jenny76 Guest

    Default RE: Do VANS sneakers run large?

    Yes, they do run large. I recently bought my son some Vans at their outlet here in the area, and the salesperson told me they run about 1/2 size bigger.

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    Default RE: Do VANS sneakers run large?

    Actually, I've found them to be the exact opposite for my DD. She normally wears a size 4 (and even some of those are a touch big) but in the Vans she wears a 5.5--and this is being measured and fitted at the Vans store, not an outlet! ;-) She has 4 pairs--all size 5.5--those are the only non-basketball shoes she'll wear! oy!


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    Default RE: Do VANS sneakers run large?

    Not sure about Vans but I know NB runs small so maybe that is why you found such a descrepancy. My DS was sized at a 9.5 but had to take a 10 in NB.
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