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    Default At what age can a toddler pedal a trike?

    I've been reading a ton of Kettler reviews here but can only find ones about people using the trikes as push-toys. I'd like to just have the trike be a trike (if that makes sense?!) because we already have a car push-toy that we borrowed from a neighbor. I'm looking at the Kalypso since I would not need the spin-free wheel and I like the girly colors, but am now wondering if even this is too much trike for a 2 yr old. Maybe the lower end Blossom or a Radio Flyer would be better for this kind of use.

    When do most children learn how to pedal a trike themselves?

    Is the Kettler any easier/harder for children to use? I read a review on urbanbaby that said her son could pedal a Radio Flyer traditional style trike for quite a while before mastering the lower seated Kettler--and by that time he was ready for a small bike. Is this typical?

    Are the Kettlers worth the money if they're only used as trikes?

    Would love to hear about any experience people have with this!

    Thank you!

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    Default RE: At what age can a toddler pedal a trike?

    Before 2 is pretty unusual. Somewhere between 2 and 3, most kids get it. We got the Kettler for my DD at 20 months. While I am sure that younger kids will enjoy them, IMO it is a toy more aimed at kids closer to 2.

    Tons of kids in my neighborhood have trikes and ride them until they are 4. The average age for getting a first "real" bike in my neighborhood seems to be between 4 and 5, so I think you'll get a lot of use out of a Kettler. Especially if you plan to have more than one child. This is a trike that will last through several children. But that being said, one of my neighbors has THREE for her kids (but she has 5 kids age 6 and under...)
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    Default RE: At what age can a toddler pedal a trike?

    It also depends on the child and the size of the child as well as the trike. I know my 3 year old who is only 35 inches tall will have trouble with the trike at first. She is getting one next month.

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    Default RE: At what age can a toddler pedal a trike?

    Well, my DS who got his trike at his 3rd birthday (Kettler) couldn't pedal for a few more months. On the other hand, it was winter and if it was summer I think he would have gotten the idea quicker.

    I remember worrying about my son not be able to pedal, and asked around to get an idea. 3 people I talked to all seem to agree that it was about 2.5-3.5 when their DS/DD got the hand of it.

    My daughter who's 21 months old loves to 'glide' by using footpower on the kettler trike.

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    Default RE: At what age can a toddler pedal a trike?

    My DD started pedaling around 2.5 yo or so, what was even more difficult for her to get the hang of was steering, but that followed in a month or two of use. If you don't need all the bells and whistles of the Kettlers, take a look at the Kiddio Supertrikes found at TRU. They are made by Kettler, so are the same style, quality, but don't have all the features of the Kettler line (like the spin-free wheel). I believe the have 4 different models, all with different features. We have one and it has been wonderful (we got the Supertrike 4 I think - the one with the rubber wheels). I too liked the Kettlers, but didn't need all those features - we just needed a trike to be a trike as you mentioned. HTH!

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    Default RE: At what age can a toddler pedal a trike?

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    I'm going to stick with the Kalypso. I also considered the Blossom and Kiddio Supertrike but I really preferred the s-shaped frame on the Kalypso--it seems to be the cheapest model that has this.

    Another question useful is the pushbar for teaching a toddler how to pedal? I'm planning on skipping it all together but wondering if my back will regret that decision??? (I know it's not that much more money but I'm buying this with a birthday check my daughter's great great aunt sent, and even the trike itself is putting me a bit over budget!)

    Thanks again!


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    Default RE: At what age can a toddler pedal a trike?

    the reason I did not get the Kalypso is because it does not have the parent steering function. You can use the pushbar, but the child has to steer and pedal. (or keep their feet off the pedals as they go around)

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