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    Default Wrap Around Wipes Warmer???

    Not sure where to post this.
    Prince Lionheart used to make a "Wrap Around Wipes Warmer".
    I make homemade baby wipes & put them in a stand up plastic contanier. What I would really like, is to find one of these wrap aroud wipes warmers to use with my homemade wipes.
    Does anyone have one to sell, or know where I can get one?
    I understand that the "Fields" don't encourage wipes waarmers, but I have found them invaluable.

    Or, if you know why this particular warmer has been dicontinued.. that would help too... I don't want to buy something that has a bad track record.

    Piper M.
    ds Solomon 9/21/02 & ds expected Joah 8/21/04

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    Default wipes warmers & homemade diaper wipes

    I didn't know it was discontinued b/c I could have swore I saw a bunch @ BRU maybe 2-3 months ago...

    I read somewhere that the Prince Lionheart one was a fire hazard and had started small fires and I don't know if they ever did resolve that issue. I'm really hesitant to leave anything non-grounded (only 2 prongs instead of 3) plugged in DD's room overnight (ie table fan, small electronics, etc). There was a special report on the local news recently on the local news about small tabletop fans catching on fire and now I'm paranoid.

    To keep the wipes warm, we just placed the container on the vent/register (we have forced air heat)... if it's cold enough to need a wipes warmer, you probably have the heater on anyway.

    That's nice that you make homemade wipes - I did that for a while with Viva clothlike paper towels (the softest, clothlike I could find) and cut the roll cut in half. When we needed wipes, I just sprayed some diluted California Baby Diaper Area Wash and wiped clean. During the winter, we sprayed it on the paper towel first and wiped but on hot days it was refreshing to spray directly on her bum b/c it felt cool.

    Do you have your own wipes "recipe"??

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    Default RE: Wrap Around Wipes Warmer???

    I *think* I also remember reading that the wrap around ones were either recalled or discontinued because of fire hazards. Sorry I can't remember the details!

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    Default RE: Wrap Around Wipes Warmer???

    Here it is on ebay:

    That would probably be your best bet. I agree with the other posters that there were fire safety issues with the wrap around warmers.

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    Default RE: Wrap Around Wipes Warmer???

    Thanks to all for the feedback.
    I am contacting the manfacturer to see why it was recalled / discontinued & if there were any safety issues with it.

    I will post my recipe for wipes (on this thread) as soon as I find it. :)

    Thanks again.

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