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    Default Airline approval needed to use car seat? Rear facing issues?

    I just got off the phone with qantas. We're flying to australia in less than 4 weeks' time. The reservation lady said that I had to submit all the car seat information for APPROVAL otherwise I wouldn't be able to use the car seat in DD's paid seat!! I've never heard of this, has anyone? DD will be 12 months old at time of travel. Then she proceeded to ask questions, like car seat model number, width of car seat, weight of baby, rear facing or forward facing, single release or not etc. She then asked for the approval number on the car seat for it to be used on air crafts. I couldn't find that and so I told her I would call back (and check with the board first!).

    An issue came up when she found out that I was bringing a rear facing infant car seat (Evenflo discovery). She said that because the seat in front of the rear facing car seat would not be able to recline, my husband would have to sit in that seat (breaking up the 3 of us into 2 rows). Since I'm traveling back with DD myself, she said that we would have to sit in a row where there are no seats in front of DD's car seat. Since we already have seat assignments (3 in a row), I'm tempted to just ignore this whole approval thing and just chance it at the airport. What can they do anyway? Surely they wouldn't actually refuse us the use of the car seat? We can always change seats at that point......

    Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and any tips/suggestions? Is it possible that some aircrafts will actually have enough space to let the seat in front recline even with a rear facing car seat behind? I could bring a forward facing car seat, but the infant carrier would be much more convenient during our month long stay there. Plus since I am traveling back with DD myself, it would be easier to have the infant car seat fit on top of the stroller than carry a separate big convertible.

    Thanks so much!

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    Default RE: Airline approval needed to use car seat? Rear facing issues?

    Geeez...what a nightmare...why do they have to make things so complicated????
    Do you know how to do a search on this board? There's another mom who went to Australia (so search for that) and you might find her posts or email her directly (she's nice...I'd do it for you, but DH is beginning to fume that I'm not in the living room with him!).

    I think I'd just bring it on and see what happens...yes, they WILL force you not to use it if they want to...bizarrely, many "foreign" airlines force you to hold your child during the most dangerous parts of the trip (takeoff/landing/severe turbulence)...there is simply no rhyme or reason to the insanity of it.
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    Default RE: Airline approval needed to use car seat? Rear facing issues?

    I noticed that you said you were planning on taking the infant carrier for your 12 month old daughter. I just wanted to caution you that if she is beyond that height and/or weight limit for the seat, you should not use it. Most infant seats are only good to 26 inches and 20 pounds. Just thought I'd mention this because it is an important safety issue. The seat won't provide the same protection in a crash if the baby has outgrown it. Have a great time in Australia. It is a beautiful country.

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    Default RE: Airline approval needed to use car seat? Rear facing issues?

    I was thinking the same thing. Not to many 12 month olds fit into an infant carrier. Our infant carrier had a 20 pounds and 27 inche limit. My DD is very small for her age and was well under the weight limit until she was 15 months old but was too tall at 6 months. It may not be that big of deal for a flight but if you are planning on using the car seat in cars once you get to Australia I would reconsider using a convertible car seat.

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    Default RE: Airline approval needed to use car seat? Rear facing issues?

    Hi, thanks for the concern! DD is now about 20 lbs... I'm not sure what her height is, I'll find out at her appointment next week. But since my family lives in australia, I usually borrow an extra car seat from my sister when we are there. We use a convertible for her here at home, but I decided to use the infant car ride for the plane ride because of the convenience. I am traveling one way by myself. I think it should be ok just for the plane ride.

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    Default RE: Airline approval needed to use car seat? Rear facing issues?

    Hi there,

    I just noticed your post and wanted to write to see if I could help you out.

    I am from Australia living here in the US with 2 kids and travel there every year on Qantas. I actually just got back 2 weeks ago.

    I will try and answer your questions.

    Yes Qantas are strict on car seats and they do require you to give them details before letting a seat on the plane. Saying that however they are a wonderful airline to fly with kids, they really help you out with anything you need, they constantly told me to let them know of anything I need.

    A few tips in case you don't already know, they have baby food and supplies on board, still take your own but they are very good with helping you any way they can. When your dd is older when you book your seat ask for a kids meal, they bring it out before everyone else with all the special requirement meals so they you can help her and give back her tray so you have space before you get your meal. Another thing is you said your DD is 12mths, Qantas and a lot of the 747's have bassinets installed in the bulk heads of the plane, my DD was smaller and fit until she was 18mth (just by length), the weight limit is 26lb's, this is a wonderful help as baby can sleep.

    Also Australia has strict car seat laws and seats from the US aren't actually supposed to be used there, saying that I have always used mine, I know they are safe so that is all the matter to me. However this time when I travelled I didn't take a seat for DD (4.5), I took my infant carrier for DS (2 mths), however didn't have a seat for him on the Qantas flight so couldn't use it on the flight, just used their Seat belt that connects to mine for him for take off and landing and then used the bassinet. When in Australia I rented seats for both of them, unlike here renting seats there is excellent and easy to find, all the places that do it have to be certified and car seat techs and the seats I got were brand new and installed for us, depending on where you are going I could give you the name and number of the lady I got them from.

    I guess I am rambling a bit, I would be more than happy if you wanted to email me any ??? I have done the trip 5 times since my DD was 6mths and have done it several times by myself so if there is anything I can help you with please let me know they do have a few things they do differently than here in the US. One thing also, when coming back by yourself, make sure you tell them you need assistance before you fly, they will have someone meet you off the plane, get your luggage and if you have connections get your baggage on the belt to your conencting flight. Also Qantas will let you wheel your stroller up to the gate but it won't be waiting when you get off the plane, it goes through with regular baggage, this can be a pain especially when travelling by yourself so that is why I always ask for assistance so I don't have to try and carry everything and kids through the airport until I get the stroller.


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