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    Default narrowest base high back booster?

    Anyone know what high back booster has the narrowest base?

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    Default RE: narrowest base high back booster?

    Oh, you know you can't leave us hanging like that, it's never that simple. What car, what age kids, what other seats? ;)

    The Parkway is surprisingly narrow, the Fisher Price Safe Voyage booster, based on the Starriser Comfy is very narrow...and depending on the other seats, the Britax Monarch has a narrow base. The Turbo is supposedly narrow, but it's almost always a disaster next to another seat (massive armrests... :P )

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    Default RE: narrowest base high back booster?

    Fisher Price Safe Voyage booster. It has an adjustable base that goes down to 13" if your child has a narrow enough bottom. If it is a tight space, though the arms can make it hard to buckle. The Britax Parkway has no arms so it can be easier in some situations even though it is a bit wider.
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