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    Default Help! I don't want a double stroller, what is a boogie board?

    Hi...I have a 3 year old who usually wants to walk and a baby on the way. I have seen these stroller attachments that the toddler can stand on, I think they are called boogie boards? Does anybody here like them and where can you get one? Do they attach to any stroller? Is that my only option? I have heard of the Snap n Go Sit n Stand, but I haven't read the greatest reviews. While I'm asking, should I go with a Graco travel system for the new baby since everyone loves the Snugride, or is there a better way to go? Thanks so much for any's been awhile for me as far as the infant stage!

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    Default RE: Help! I don't want a double stroller, what is a boogie board?

    I would not suggest going with a travel system. Unless the stroller is not going to be used alot i would reccomend getting a stroller that you like that is compatible with an infant carrier. How much would you like to spend on a stroller? Do you know that you want an infant carrier? I would not reccomend a sit n stand. They are not very well made and they are very hard to push and steer. Also what type of stroller do you want? Do you want a all terrain or a strictly inside stroller?

    Post back and then we can help you better decide on what would suit your needs best

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    Default RE: Help! I don't want a double stroller, what is a boogie board?

    I'm not an expert on the buggy boards(Boogie board is for riding waves!), but from what I understand, there is a Buggy board and a Kiddy board and each connects to different kinds of strollers, so you first have to decide on a stroller and then choose which one works with your stroller.
    Here's a site that carries them both:

    As for the sit n stand, my best friend had one for two weeks and hated every second she pushed it. It was nearly impossible to turn with both children in it!

    If you want the snugride, just purchase the carseat and get a different stroller. A lot of people on the stroller boards feel strongly about travel systems, and how infants shouldn't spend more time than necessary in their infant seat and are much better off being layed in a full recline stroller. The infant seat stage doeasn't last too long, so don't make your stroller purchase only based on the fact that it can act as a travel system! A lot of people really like the Peg Perego P3, and I guess you can put a snugride in it to make it a travel system, and it has a ride on board for your oldest when he or she tires of walking.

    You could also do a stroller with a toddler seat depending on the size of you DC (Valco runabout)...hmmm can't think of much else for now, hopefully someone else with more expertise will chime in!


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    Default RE: Help! I don't want a double stroller, what is a boogie board?

    It is a strictly inside stroller, I just wanted to have some options for my 3 year old if, say, she gets tired walking around the mall. I definately want an infant carrier so I don't have to wake the baby if he is ever sleeping.

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