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    Default Five Point vs. Three Point Harness

    Curious about 5 point and 3 point safety harness pros and cons. It seems like 5 point would be much safer for my little guy, but wondering if he will hate being shoulder restrained as he grows, and I will end up not using it - therefore a 3 point would be the safer route in the long run... thoughts??

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    Default RE: Five Point vs. Three Point Harness

    Many strollers come with 5 point harnesses where the top straps can be undone creating a 3 point. You can use whichever mode you feel like that day. For a stroller IMO, the harness type doesn't matter much when you are on normal terrain. I guess if there is a chance of the stroller tipping I would go 5 pt. Peg has a floating harness so you can use the 5 pt but still get the freedom of movement.

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    Default RE: Five Point vs. Three Point Harness

    i've had 3 kids in 6 years and never had a stroller w/ a 5 pt. my kids were pretty easy going in strollers though. models w/ a snack tray helped me feel like they were better in place too.


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    Default RE: Five Point vs. Three Point Harness

    Same here, my kids have never 'needed' a 5 pt harness (especially in the highchair...).

    But yeah, the 5 pts can be used as 3 points, no problem. I like 5 pts better because it's really easy to grab the shoulder part to get the harness out from under the kiddo so you can buckle it up easier, though.

    Julie CPS Tech and mom to 3 in seats

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