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    val4math Guest

    Default Keeping grits warm????

    I want cheese grits at my wedding brunch for 65.

    What is the best way to keep grits warm without drying them out. They will be on a buffet.

    Should we do a baked grits casserole? Or grits cooked on the stove?

    Any advice?? recipes??


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    Oahu_in_Jan Guest

    Default RE: Keeping grits warm????

    Wow, thats an idea a wedding brunch! I see no one responded to your questions, this one's a hard one! I would say you would have to keep stirring it and pouring hot water. And keep it in a smaller serving dish and then keep refilling it...MY only suggestions.

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    NJ Mom Guest

    Default RE: Keeping grits warm????

    I would suggest several large casseroles & cycle them to the buffet as they are emptied. If they cook in the casserole, you can serve them in it. On stovetop means emptying the pot into a serving dish, an extra step.
    Are you cooking these yourself, or having friends/relatives bring them? You could keep cooked dishes in the oven, covered with foil, and heat turned low, to keep them hot till serving. Or yank off the foil, cover (even with a corelle plate in a pinch), and heat through in microwave briefly before carrying out to serving area.

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