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    Default It's been over a month and his ear infection won't go away....

    I'm sitting here just sick. My ds has had an ear infection for over a month and it just won't seem to go away. He's finished his 3rd round of antibiotics a few days ago and every night since he has vomited and been running a low grade fever. These were the initial signs he had an infection. I just know he still has it and I'm worried. He's 11 months old and this is the first and only thing he's ever had wrong. The doctor told me that when we come back in if he still has it they want to do antibiotic injections three days in a row and then...if he still has it...tubes. I spoke to the on call dr tonight after he vomitted AGAIN. And of course they don't think it's a problem. I think I'm going to try and take him in tomorrow and get him looked at even though he has an appointment next week. I think I should ask to see a specialist, even before I let them do the injections. What do you think? I just want him well. It's been too long and the doctor talks about hearing loss, and potential speech problems. Aurghhhhh! Any suggestions?

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    Default RE: It's been over a month and his ear infection won't go away....

    I have no answers (though I'd definitely want my baby seen tomorrow, not next week!), but I just wanted to offer you and your DS my sympathies. Hugs to you, mama, and get well wishes to your son.

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    Default RE: It's been over a month and his ear infection won't go away....

    I personally would not wait to see a specialist. If his ears are still infected he needs to have them treated. You could ask the doctors office to call the specialists office and see if you could get him in earlier. Sometimes if you are "on call" they can get you into a cancellation the same day.
    My DS had a long struggle with ear infections. We initally treated with Amoxicillin-no luck. Then Augmentin-worked but not well. He now gets Ceftin for them. For several months he has now gotten antibiotics at the first sign of a cold. He gets a teaspoonful every day until the cold is over. So far it has worked wonders. The other thing that I feel helped alot was finding out that he had some significant food allergies. He is allergic to dairy and eggs. Since eliminating them from his diet we have not had an infection.
    How old is your son? Is he bottle or breast fed? I can give you more info-that is if I haven't already given you more than you wanted... :-)
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    Default RE: It's been over a month and his ear infection won't go away....

    I know just how you feel! Earlier this year Laura had an ear infection that also lasted for about a month and also outlasted three oral antibiotics. We ended up having to go for the three-days-in-a-row shots too. The good news was that for us, that really cleared it up, and we haven't heard any mention of tubes since then (knock on wood).

    I think your idea of taking your son in tomorrow and not waiting until his appointment next week is a very good one. If I were you, I'd do it. I don't know if a specialist is necessary at this point -- if I recall correctly, the infection will have to be cleared up before any damage to the eardrum can be assessed (although I could be remembering this wrong).

    It's good that you're on top of this! Hang in there -- it's so hard to see the little ones sick, especially when it seems like they've been sick forever.


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    Default RE: It's been over a month and his ear infection won't go away....

    I agree with Ellen, definitely take him in tomorrow for a recheck. If he's still vomiting and running a fever, they can start the antibiotic injections NOW instead of waiting until next week.

    Sounds like he has a particularly resistant bug. Hopefully the antibiotics will clear it up. IMHO, It's a little premature for your ped to be considering myringotomy tubes - usually those are reserved for kids with recurrent ear infections or persistent effusions and hearing loss. From what you describe, he's just had the one infection for a month, rather than multiple infections. If he continues to have problems after a course of injected antibiotics, a visit to the ENT would be reasonable. (The fluid in the ear might persist for several weeks after the infection clears up, and that is normal. Ongoing fever and vomiting is obviously NOT normal.)

    Big hugs to you and your DS - it's no fun when your little one is sick.
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    Default (((HUGS))) I feel your pain.

    Hugs to you and DS! I can totally feel your pain! Jackson has had 16-17 ear infections in 22 months and is scheduled to go in and get his third set of tubes put in on the 18th. As of right now he is still running a fever so I am thinking that his infection isn't cleared up yet. It wasn't as of Wed. when we were at the pediatrician so I am thinking that we will have to wait a few days on this next set of tubes. Ugh...I just wish the ear monster would leave us alone. :(

    I think you should get in with the specialist ASAP. We have hearing and speech issues due to all the infections so it isn't something you would want to mess around with. Poor little guy! An ear infection with antibiotic injections is a lot for a baby to handle. Ouch! I hope it gets cleared up soon and he starts feeling better.
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    Default RE: It's been over a month and his ear infection won't go away....

    My 2 year olds frequent ear infections and fluid in the ear was related to a dairy allergy. No dairy=no infections or fluid.

    Sometimes stopping the antibiotics and giving her probiotics instead helped get us out of the cycle of ear infect. antibiotics, ear infect. etc again and again.

    I hope it clears up quickly, poor kiddo!

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    Default RE: It's been over a month and his ear infection won't go away....

    (((((hugs)))))) I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I think you got good advice and I hope everything clears up soon. Keep us updated and give your little boy lots of hugs nad kisses for me.
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