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    Alicia Guest

    Default Dr. Seuss book club....

    Does anyone have any experience with the Groiler Dr. Seuess book club? I have a 3 year old who has just developed a liking to Dr. Seuss books and wondered if this was the way to go? I understand that not all the books in the club are Dr. Seuss, some are Berenstein Bears and some other kinds too. Is it worth it, or is it a big rip off and am I just better off buying the books in the store?


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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Dr. Seuss book club....

    It is a big rip off and you are better off buying books in the store (or on Amazon or in a used book store).


    The intro deal is always amazing. I have joined 3 or 4 different Grolier book clubs and I always cancel as soon as I get the intro package. To make life easier I pay for the 'first' book they send with that package, that way it is neat and clean.You can't beat getting 6 books plus a backpack for $10.

    The trick is to telephone them as soon as you get the opening package, preferably before you've unpacked it! Otherwise they start sending out more books that you have to refuse. I always call right away, pay off my outstanding balance by credit card and then stop the membership. I have never had them refuse me this or charge me extra later.

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    Carol Guest

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    The Grolier club sells a cheaper edition of the Dr. Seuss books than is sold in bookstores. If you buy them in the store, they are more well made, larger and more durable than the Grolier book club ones. I have some of the Grolier ones and some of the regular books, and I am gradually replacing the Grolier with the regular editions, which are much better quality. The content is exactly the same though, so it depends on your preference.

    Be aware of the shipping costs with book clubs. The introductory packages that are touted with very cheap prices do not include shipping and handling, which is between $2-4 per book.

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    Alicia Guest

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    Thanks so much for the heads up! I have decided to stay away from the book club. I was cleaning up DS's bedroom the other day and came across "The Foot Book" that Groiler had sent me about 4 years ago to try and get me to sign up. I had forgotten about it and after looking at it I did notice that it was quite smaller than some of the other Dr. Suess books we had checked out from the library. Looking at the pictures I noticed that they were cropped to make the book smaller and not reduced. What a rip off! I do like the cute Dr. Suess backpack that comes with the deal though, and may just view the books and then send them back so I can keep the backpack!!

    Thanks for the advice!!


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    MarinaTwinMom Guest

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    Do you have a Costco nearby? Ours sells packs of Dr. Seuss books at a much lower price than any other stores I've found. They seem to be of pretty good quality, with the durable hard covers and sturdy pages. My kids love them!

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