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    Default Potty training and she's holding her pee for hours

    We've potty trained pretty successfully at home and have recently braved a few errands with DD in underwear. Each time, DD has been able to hold it for 3-4 hours. She pees before we leave home and won't pee again until we're back home. I think on a day that set a record, DD peed at home at 10am, we were out till 2pm, changed her to a dipe for a nap, she woke with a dry dipe, and she still didn't pee until 6pm that evening.

    So my concern is that it can't be healthy for DD to hold it for that long, when she's been drinking liquids and I know she has to go.
    DD does not like when people ask whether she needs to pee, so we're trying to stop asking when we're out. (We stopped asking long ago while home.) She used public potties a few months back, so I think all of this is just a control thing.

    So I'm hoping this is just a stage and she'll eventually stop holding it. Anyone's child do this?

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    Default RE: Potty training and she's holding her pee for hours


    Um, yeah, Abby does that, too. She also amazes me that she's able to go so long with out peeing. For instance, she was dry overnight & then didn't pee until about 10am this morning. She throws a fit when I want her to sit and "try". So I do try to get her to try, especially when we're out & about, but it doesn't always work - no easy task to try to wrangle a toddler onto a potty if she doesn't want to go. ;) She always does make it to the potty when she does have to go, so I'm kind of just going with it.

    Sounds like we're in the same situation. :)

    Sometimes I'm able to coerce her into "trying" if I give her a choice like "Let's go sit on the potty before your nap. Should we read the Spot book, or Curious George?" Again, sometimes letting her make a choice totally works, and other times it's still no way.

    Don't know that this helps, but FWIW, that's what's happening here.

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    Default RE: Potty training and she's holding her pee for hours

    My DD isn't potty training yet but she does hold pee in for long time periods so hopefully this is normal. When the time comes I think I'll try what I observed my cousin doing with his children. Very discretely he would pull his DC aside and talk softly to them about the need to go potty. If I hadn't been paying attention I would never have known what they were talking about. If DC refused he would let it go but I noticed that soon after he would do it again and sometimes insist she just sit on the potty. His insistence was not forceful, he would just quietly take her to the bathroom. It was all done so seamlessly and with such respect for his children's dignity that I told myself I would try the same when my DDs time came.



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    Default RE: Potty training and she's holding her pee for hours


    Joshua did this with both pee and poop. He would wait nearly all day and then have a sopping wet pull-up overnight. And he actually went 10 days holding his BM. Gross, I know. But after a couple weeks of this, he got over it and things are normal around here. I don't think it was anything I said or did, he just decided it was okay to go in the potty I guess.

    Good Luck!
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