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    Default Backyard adventures? Woodplay?

    Any new news on these swingsets? i just wandered in to one of their warehouses and liked what I saw.

    I thought I was going to get a rainbow set but they are almost $1500 more than a comparable set from Backyard adventures. the quality seems very similar to me and i examined them both closely.

    When I asked the manager of Rainbow why I should buy his set over the BA he looked confused and then when into this speech about being the industry leaders, blah, blah , blah. it just totally put me off.

    If/when I get a swingset it will be between, Backyard Adventures or Woodplay. I just have to compare these 2 now. But any fresh input on either of these sets would be very helpful.

    Who knew buying a swingset wouldbe so stressful?!!lol

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    Default Any updates?

    We are looking at Creative Playthings, Woodplay, and Rainbow and would love some reviews. Thanks!

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