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    Default How many servings in a 13x9 lasagna?

    Having a family get-together soon and thinking about making lasagna, but not sure how many I would need to make. There will be 9 people (6 adults, 3 kids). How many people does one 13X9 pan of lasagna normally feed? If I have to do two pans, will they take longer to cook in the oven? Thanks - I'm not used to cooking for so many people, so appreciate any advice!
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    One 13 x 9 pan would make 6 large servings (one cut lengthwise, then cut into thirds across the short way). You could get 8 servings by cutting into fourths across the short way. These would be decent-sized pieces for most appetites.

    You could make 9 pieces by cutting into thirds along the long way, but they would be much smaller pieces. You would need to have several side dishes: maybe a big salad and some good garlic bread, plus a dessert or fruit?

    It really depends on what size servings people expect. Since three of them are children, you probably could make it work.

    I don't know anything about how to figure out timing for two pans. But I think two 13 X 9 pans would be too much, even for 9 adults.
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