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    Default ideas for 2nd-4th grade talent show

    3rd grade DD wants to be in the school talent show. I always was too embarrassed to do things like that so I really want to encourage her. Trouble is we are having a hard time thinking of something to do! I don't want her to think she doesn't have any talents
    She rides and does judo but you cant do those without a horse or a judo mat. She could rope in our 2nd grade neighbours probably- any creative ideas, its supposed to last 2 mins and be watched by parents and the other kids.
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    Our school "talent" shows were usually kids lip synching, dancing or playing an instrument.

    Could you talk to her judo instructors to ask to borrow a mat for a "this is judo" 2-minute demonstration? I think that would be a very exciting and interesting counterpoint to straight music/dance performances. Don't rule it out without asking!
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    oh yes definitely, if she does judo, that's a talent. My dd did a magic show last year, she learned some magic tricks from a magic shop and did those.

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    My DD has done the "talent" show since 1st grade. Here are some ideas from her acts:

    1st Grade: She and two girlfriends choreographed a cowgirl dance with stick horses to Rawhide...lots of riding the horses around and waving their hats. It was cute b/c it was obvious they did it all themselves

    2nd Grade: She and four friends recited/acted out Shel Silverstein poems dressed as beat poets

    3rd Grade: Her Brownie troop did a group dance (Miley Cyrus Hoe Down Throwdown)

    4th Grade: This year she's playing a piano piece and doing a dance with her Girl Scout troop.

    Our DS did it for the first time last year as a K student with 1 other boy and 2 girls and they did a dance to a Taylor Swift song (all choreographed by the girls of course)

    At our school, it tends to be some real talent (instrument, vocal, gymnastics, etc.), but mostly lip syncing and group dances. It's pretty painful for the parents, but the kids love it.
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    Can she play the wine glass bells ala Sandra Bulloch in Miss Congeniality?

    Can she reasonably tell jokes well enough to do a brief stand up act?

    Does she sing?

    Can she do magic?
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    Ds1 did some magic tricks in 1st grade

    Last year, his aunt/uncle gave him some stilts for Christmas and he did a stilt walking routine ~ it was awesome!!!

    I think he's going to do a new stilt routine this year
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