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    Default Elf Magic or Christopher Popinkins?

    Help - I can't decide between the 2! I like the idea of Elf Magic Elfcapades, & how the elf comes along with you on your adventures & I like the Christian message that seems to come along with it. But does he/she report back to Santa? Because frankly, I like the idea of a little behavior help too!

    I'm not interested in Elf on The Shelf because he just creeps me out.
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    I haven't heard about the Elf Magic one, but a good friend has Christopher Pop-In-Kins and her son loves it (he's 2.5)
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    I haven't heard about the first one either. We have Christopher and started doing it a few days ago. My older daugher is 3 1/2 and this is the first year we've done it. She absolutely loves it! She goes to bed wondering if he'll be there in the morning and where he'll be. And then she is so excited to find him in the morning that it helps her wake up. She is always reminding her one year old sister to be good because Christopher is watching and tells all of us not to touch him because we don't want him to lose his magic. Christopher has brought a lot of joy and laughter to our house this Christmas season!

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