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    I ordered a playset from this site and I am regretting it. The CS ladies are so clueless. After confirming my shipping date last week, they now tell me it was too late to load the swingset into the truck. Are we not in 2012? Their operation seems to be stuck back in the 70s. They still cannot give me a definite shipment date and I am annoyed as I wanted this installed right after we moved into our new house. Should have gone with Walmart. Would have probably gotten better CS as unbelievable as that sounds.
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    We actually ordered our swingset from Willygoat via Amazon. I didn't need to contact CS, but was contacted by the freight company within days of placing the order and the set arrived within 2 weeks of ordering thru Amazon. So, our experience was pretty uneventful...

    WalMart for me always takes FOREVER to arrive in the store or at home.

    I hope you get it soon!

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    Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. We ordered from willygoat and had our swing set within 5 days. They kept us updated on the progress and the freight company was really polite and easy to work with.

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